About the Project - FlySafe!

About the Project

FlySafe! - App and Web Application for managing your check lists & more

Easily manage your plane models and aircrafts, assign check lists and synchronize with the App

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What's new

Currently the first version is running, no production perfomance is expected or planned

You use the programm on your own risk


This is a private project w/o any obligations, regulations or other stuff like that

Cookies and privacy - we do not store anything extraordinary in this regards

What we see is:

Your Email, custom plane classes, models and aircrafts, check Books and their relations to each other

That's almost all. Ok, and couple of metrics (Google & Yandex)

P.S. This Web App is developed with ASP.NET Core, so probably Microsoft knows a bit more

Version 3.0 Build 2021062001, Release

More to come...