Concept - FlySafe!


There is a simple idea behind: make electronic checklists easy to manage and use

You can create your classes, models and airplanes, define electronic checklists with various sections and pages, link them acrossand synchronize with mobile devices (currently Android only)

You are free to make your checklist as you want to see it and not to stick to a predefined one as it might not fulfill all your needs

Once you've done, simply synchronize your data with your mobile device and enjoy safe flying using FlySafe! App

Read Manual for Android App


The system supports several user's roles.

Club's manager Club's manager can create and manage classes, mdoels, airplanes and checklists which will be available for all club members. Club's manager sees all records of the Global Club and does not see private records of its members.

Club's member A User can be a member of various clubs. In addition a "private" club is automatically assigned to every Club's member to handle his private records. Club's member sees all global (read only), clubs' (read only) and its own records. Club's member can create it's own classes, models and aircrafts.

In the moment you can register as private user only. If you want to be a club manager and share information with other users, please contact us


All airpanes are classified based on their class and model.

Airplane class An airplane class defines whether it's a glider, LSA, single-mot or something else. You can also add your class.

Airplane model Here one defines generic models of airplanes (i.e. C172, P28, CTSW etc) and provides general data for Weight-and-Balance calculation, Fuel Consumption and other performance and limitation characteristics which can be later accessed in the App

Airplanes Here one defines particular airplanes: Class and model, tail number, fuel type and consumption, empty weight (MEW), its photo and a comment. Exectly this record will be later synchronized with the App


There might be one normal and various non-normal (i.e. emergency) checklists. First two non-normal checklists are automatically mapped to the quick access button in the App Check lists are organized in the form of Check Books, Sections, Pages and Items

Check Book There might be several Check Books for a particular model or airplane. It might differentiate by language or structure (i.e. Sections, Pages or Items) defined by a user. Check book consists of check sections

Check Section There might be several check sections within one check book. You can re-order them but please remember - the first section is always a normal check list and the following sections are non-normal ones. You can assign an icon by yourself or choose a predefined one. Check sections consist of Check Pages

Check Page There might be several pages in each check section (i.e. "Before Take Off"). You can reorder them as you want. Check pages consist of check items

Check Items There might be a number of items in each check page. You can reorder them as you wish. Check Item is the lowest element of a Check Book (Checklist)

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