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Here are all checklists across models and planes avalilable for you
You can create your own checklists for model or plane or reuse exisintg ones

Book Name Comment Language Club
Чеклист Z-42MU На базе LZ-801 Russian Alexander
Beechсraft Sierra English (US) arrgh_Private_Club
Checklist DA-42 NG G1000 #14.4 from 19.09.2009 English (US) HAG_MemB_Private_Club
Checklist N32SA English (US) HAG_MemB_Private_Club
A22LS Checkliste Flughandbuch Variante German HAG_MemB_Private_Club
C172S Checkliste Herrenberg FSV German HAG_MemB_Private_Club
Checkliste C42B German HAG_MemB_Private_Club
Checkliste D-MHFI German HAG_MemB_Private_Club
Checkliste DR400/200 Herrenberg LSV German HAG_MemB_Private_Club
Чеклист С150L RU Russian HAG_MemB_Private_Club
Check Book D-MQCT Global English (US) Hoehenasperg LSV

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